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Presently myself and one other member have started conducting Genetic Geneology research related to the Ovens Surname.

Hopefully more members will participate as time goes on. We currently have results using Ancestry DNA and have also uploaded the results to GED match. If funding becomes available we will start a "Project" on FTDNA. If members are willing to participate, we will periodically rafle off Test kits to help mitigate the cost of the tests.

What is DNA ?


Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a molecule that encodes the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms and many viruses. DNA is a nucleic acid; alongside proteins and carbohydrates, nucleic acids compose the three major macromolecules essential for all known forms of life.


Wiki Link DNA explained

DNA Stated Clearly Video

How can DNA help with my Geneology research?


Every human has 23 pairs of chromosomes which contain most of your DNA. One chromosome of each pair comes from a person’s mother and the other from their father. Due to the mixing, of DNA that occurs prior to conception, each chromosome in 22 of the 23 pairs, has DNA from both the corresponding parent’s parents (and their ancestors before them). This information can be used to trace your ancestry back throughout time.


Excelent explanation

Ancestry FAQ Video

How it can help Video

Genetic Geneology Links


Some Web pages for places to Order DNA tests from and pool results and conduct research.


Ancestry DNA page               Ancestry DNA Video

FTDNA page                           FTDNA Video

23 and me page                      23 and me Video


GED Match Tools for processign your DNA results

International Society of Genetic Geneology

DNA Explained Genetic Genealogy



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